Why do 'non-conformists' all look alike?

Non-conformists and self styled free thinkers are often easy to pick out of a crowd because they want to be known as such. They wear styles, consume products and frequent locations that signal their identity.
How does your product identify the purchaser?

The French Anthropologist & Philosopher Pierre Bourdieu argued, and may have in fact proved, that our tastes in food, movies and books are not just indicators of our personal preferences, but a strategy to move up the social status ladder.

Bourdieu was at the height of his work during the 1960s and 70s, before the explosion in purchasable identity and the proliferation of identity subcultures.

As much of the world has accelerated toward the top of Maslow's hierarchy, the identities available for self actualization have grown almost exponentially. Each of those identities is part of a sub-culture and has a minimum buy-in, products to be purchased and a status ladder.

Where does your product fit into the identity of the purchaser?

Starting with anthropology and social identity, we leverage hard data, statistical analysis and scientific testing methodology to develop the message and media mix that delivers results.