JD Johannes

From the halls of the Congress to the mountains of Afghanistan and back again-- JD Johannes’ experiences in war, government, television, finance and advertising have given him diverse insights on strategy, data analysis and cultural evolution that led to the creation of a new form of statistical stratification for opinion polling.

In 2005 Johannes resigned from his position as Senior Advisor to Kansas’ Attorney General, bought a TV camera and deployed to Fallujah, Iraq with his old Marine Corps unit. As a former TV news photographer and newscast producer, he spotted a gap in the market and produced syndicated news reports for local news stations.

Seeing another gap, and advances in on-demand DVD manufacturing, he turned that footage into direct to market documentaries and was for a time the top selling war documentary filmmaker. The documentaries were later in retail distribution in Barnes & Noble and Walmart.

Johannes then pivoted into Combat Studies and Observation research for various national defense-oriented organizations and lecturing at the Naval Postgraduate School. Johannes also reported on the wars for TIME and National Review. He made five trips to Iraq and five to Afghanistan over the course of eight years.

Returning from the wars he founded a company merging consumer data, anthropology and quantitative analysis to develop business strategies, scenario plans and precision advertising for clients ranging from major corporations to political campaigns.
To keep a little adventure in his life, Johannes practices vertical sports like ice climbing and technical rock climbing and is working his way through summiting all of Colorado’s tallest mountain peaks.